Probably everybody knows or has heard of Jira before.

Jira is commonly used as a tool for issue, epics, stories and bug tracking and agile project management in general, developed by Atlassian, and can be installed and run on-premises or consumed as a Cloud Software-as-a-Service product. At the company I work at (Swisscom) we also use Jira internally for all those use cases.

But dealing with the web UI can be very cumbersome and slow, everytime I have to update my tasks or stories and modify their current state I keep rolling my eyes at the general slowness of the whole procedure. 🙄

That’s where TurboJira comes into the picture! 😄


TurboJira is a very simple Android app that I wrote for myself to very specifically serve my exact uses cases of being able to:

  • quickly list my own tasks / stories
  • update / change their current state
  • edit their description / summary
  • create new tasks / stories with via a 1-click button

That’s it, that’s all it does. Very simple, but supremely effective. The UI has been fine-tuned to make it as fast and convient as possible for me to perform these tasks on my phone.

TurboJira TurboJira

You can get the latest versions from here: https://github.com/JamesClonk/turbojira/releases. All releases are available as Android APK files for direct installation on your phone (I stopped bothering with Google Play Store)